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Product development / safety and security

The Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC – replaced in 2027 by Regulation (EU) 2023/1230 repealing Directive 2006/42/EC on June 26, 2023 (valid up from January 20, 2027) and other directives (safety and security) are the basics for the safe and secure placement of new machinery and equipment on the market in the following areas (excerpts):

      • Automotive and manufacturing technology
      • Logistics
      • Robotics
      • Agricultural and communal technology (waste management)
      • Special mechanical engineering

Several sections are effective earlier [Articles 26 to 42 from January 14, 2024; Article 50(1) from October 14, 2023; Article 6(7), Article 48 and Article 52 from July 13, 2023; Article 6(2) to (6) and (11) and Article 47 and Article 53(3) from July 14, 2024].

“Security” becomes a manufacturer’s obligation under the new Machinery Regulation. The completely new point 1.1.9 from Annex III of the new Machinery Regulation, which defines requirements with reference to protection against corruption, must be taken into consideration in this context. This section corresponds to the cyber strategy of the EU, which is also the result of requirements for manufacturers based on the Cyber Resilliance Act and the amended requirements from the Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU. The security requirements of the Radio Equipment Directive are already obligatory on August 1, 2024!


On May 23, 2023, the new Regulation 2023/988 concerning general product safety was published in the EU Official Journal. This regulation replaces Directive 2001/95/EC (General Product Safety Directive) and also, to a significant extent, the Product Safety Act. The new Product Safety Regulation is mandatory from December 13, 2024, until this date there is a transitional period for the application of the Product Safety Directive. The GPSR defines the framework for the safety of non-harmonized consumer products and also applies in part to the harmonized area (see, for example, Articles 19, 20, 22 GPSR and Chapter VIII).

In this manner, the GPSR is intended to strengthen technical consumer protection.

The new GPSR regulations also created challenges for economic actors to guarantee the product compliance.

Our consulting services for you:

Company organization

      • Structuring of companies (design of the organizational structure)
      • Process management (design of process organization)
      • Information management
      • Specification, selection and implementation of information systems
      • Organizational development
      • Change support, change management
      • Quality management, quality management systems
      • Operational communication
      • Documentation, archiving, knowledge management
      • Consulting in work-Safety-related issues

Engineering / Technology

      • Consulting and implementation of information technology and data processing systems
      • IT / OT  processes and data security measures
      • Analysis and profitability assessment of technical investments and products
      • Product development/product design/product innovation
      • Production planning and control
      • Production and manufacturing technology
      • Production integration and automation/industry 4.0
      • Technology consulting
      • Work organization/work technology/work safety
      • “Legal compliance”-representation of the company; management of notices and requirements
      • Services as an external safety expert according to § 73 of the Employee Protection Act, (we are certified in AT/DE/CH)

With our partners we additionally offer you as a service:

      • Electrical inspections for the areas of electrical engineering (EN 60204, EN 61439, ÖVE 8001) or also the
      • Preparation of inspection books and expertise by our civil engineer for mechanical engineering and standards compliance.



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