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The Machinery Directive serves as basis for placing new machines and systems on the market.

We ensure safe operation by conducting reliable risk analyses for the sectors of:

  • automotive and manufacturing technology
  • robotics
  • special machine construction
  • agricultural and municipal technology (waste management)
  • orocess engineering/systems

Only well-prepared projects will ensure that expensive machines bring about the benefit, you expect. For this reason, we brake projects down into two phases

Pre-Project Phase – Definition of the Essential Parameters

  • Preliminary hazard analysis (PHI)
  • Functional hazard evaluation (FHE)
  • Directives and standards management
  • Preparation of the safety manual


In the Project Phase

  • Implementation of a prudent risk assessment
  • Compilation of possible measures for risk mitigation
  • Where applicable, evaluation of interfaces to other machines and systems
  • Inspection of designs and components and
  • inspection the correspondence with the authorities and suppliers

Additional services of STM Business Consulting GmbH in Leoben:


  • Determination of safety functions
  • Documentation review
  • Consultation and support in the modification of machines
  • Electrical system inspections (EN 60204, EN 61439, ÖVE 8001) and
  • preparation of inspection books and expert reports by our experts in the areas of electrical engineering and mechanical engineering

We are your partners for the IMPORT OF MACHINES.

We will take on your responsibilities related to the import and commissioning of machines and support you with the technical and formal aspects of their legally compliant market-placement.

Contact us on the phone or online. We will be happy to arrange an appointment for a non-binding on-site consultation at your company.



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